Hi! I’m Zihan, a first-year Ph.D. student at University of Washington, Seattle, advised by Prof. Paul Kinahan (IEEE Life Fellow, FAAPM, FSNMMI, FAIMBE). And I received my Master degree from the Department of Computer Science, UIUC in 2023.

My research focuses on the Multimodal Large Language Model including the vision-language model and medical image analysis. I am committed to helping doctors or researchers carry out quantitative analysis and treatment planning for tissues and organs of the human body by combining AI with medical images. I am currently a member of the AAPM-MIDRC subcommittee and MIDRC/CRP-12, dedicated to determining medical image data quality, provenance, and harmonization.

Recent News

My work and research

My current works focus on multimodal learning, including natural language and radiology reports. At the same time, I pay attention to the corner case datasets to alleviate AI Underrepresentation in the medical field. I have participated in multiple internships in both academia and industry. I have worked as a research intern at the University of Cambridge, Johns Hopkins University, and Peking University, as well as at Alibaba DAMO Academy and Shanghai AI Laboratory. I have worked closely with several respected professors including Prof. Alan L. Yuille, Prof. Pietro Liò, Prof. Dinggang Shen, Prof. Jie Tian, Prof. Yu Qiao, and Dr. Le Lu.

My background and history

I am pursuing my Ph.D. degree from University of Washington and I received my Master Degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and received Bachelor Degree from Xiamen University.

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